Why We Do It

In the UK, almost four million children live in poverty, that’s 30% of children, the equivalent of every person in Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff combined, yet 66% of these children have a parent in work. The Government has identified around six million households who are ‘just about managing’ and at risk of falling below the poverty line. UK child poverty is projected to rise above 5 million by 2022.

Food poverty is the inability of individuals and households to obtain an adequate and nutritious diet. Child food poverty is estimated to cost society £29bn through lost tax, benefits payments and services. The number, and use, of food banks is increasing - particularly during the school holidays as the cost of living continues to rise.  Worryingly, this has a major impact on the attitude and aspirations of children - there is a direct link between child poverty and under-performance, which could affect their future workplace potential.

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